Our mission: To treat, share and protect.

Promoting the North Shore's natural heritage

: Declared a "World Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO in 2007, the North Shore Manicouagan region is very precious to us. Besides providing foodies with delights from the local wild soil, we contribute to developing the North Shore's natural heritage by marketing high quality products

Boosting the local economy

The North Shore’s wild fruits are harvested by local pickers in the surrounding nature. And the factory that we opened in Colombier, the village's first, has helped boost the local economy by creating jobs and attracting tourists in the summer months.


Helping associations

: Socially speaking, we don’t hesitate to invest ourselves in associations that we care about, such as the "Table bioalimentaire Côte-Nord" and the "Circuit gourmand de la Côte-Nord", which, like us, promote local North Shore products.